Clear Creek Corridor Adams County Master Plan Underway

Adams County is preparing a Master Plan for the Clear Creek Corridor that will identify potential for recreation and habitat improvements from Sheridan Boulevard to the confluence at the South Platte River. After speaking with over 400 community members, they have begun the next phase of their planning process.

The Clear Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF) is supporting this effort with water quality data information and comparing stream quality to applicable water-quality standards and beneficial-use criteria. For an overview of the data analysis to date, upload the CCWF April 2017 Clear Creek Water Quality Presentation.

Clear Creek runs approximately seven miles through southwest Adams County from Sheridan Blvd. to the South Platte River Confluence. A regional trail and several trail access points have been developed through this corridor, but currently few other amenities are located along the corridor.  

The Adams County Clear Creek Corridor Plan will provide a basis for future improvement projects that will provide a variety of recreational amenities while protecting and enhancing the natural systems in the Clear Creek corridor. The goals of the plan include improving safety, making trail connections to surrounding neighborhoods and new transit areas, providing amenities that are lacking in the surrounding neighborhoods, improving habitat and ecological systems, and identifying locations for bank stabilization and restoration projects.