Completion of Middle North Empire Creek Stream Restoration Project - December 2016

The Middle North Empire Creek Stream Restoration Project was completed in December of 2016. This area, which is also known as the Gold Dirt Mining District, had footprints of historic mine waste piles with fans depositing within the flood plane of the stream channel. The project was designed to significantly reduce toxic metal concentrations within North Empire Creek, including aluminum, copper and zinc as well as a reduction of acidity with a corresponding increase in pH. 

We wish to thank the many entities who came on board to support this project with both funding and generous in-kind contributions including the: Environmental Protection Agency; Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety; Clear Creek County; Colorado School of Mines; Trout Unlimited; and Mountain Pine Manufacturing.

Clear Creek is a significant environmental and recreational resource and a major water supply serving mountain communities and major cities along the Front Range. North Empire Creek discharges into Lion Creek, which is a tributary to West Clear Creek within the Town of Empire, Colorado. West Clear Creek joins the main stem of Clear Creek, 1 mile downstream of Empire. Therefore, all of the communities- be they fish or people- that are found within the Clear Creek Watershed downstream of Georgetown and Empire, will experience an environmental benefit from this project. For more information about the project go to the Middle North Empire Stream Restoration Project Report.