Clear Creek Watershed Foundation Releases its 2015 Annual Report

Clear Creek Watershed Foundation 2015 activities and accomplishments are highlighted in this annual report. Several projects came to fruition for CCWF in 2015 after a long period of development efforts. During the winter the final four fishing access stairways for CCWF's Fishing-is-Fun Projects were completed. Two tributary basins for controlling metals and sediment through CDOT’s right-of-way, one near the mouth of Hoosac Gulch and the other just east of Dumont in Clear Creek County were constructed. In March was the completion on the restoration of Upper North Clear Creek about 1 mile upstream of its confluence with Clear Creek in Gilpin County. The Flood of September 2013 had carried 3,000 cu. yds. of crusher fines from the Frei Quarry down a side tributary, pushing North Clear Creek eastward and out of its historic channel. By the end of April 2015 complete removal of all of the sediment was accomplished and the stream was returned to is original channel. For a copy of the full report go to the link at CCWF 2015 Annual Report.